Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome Baby

Friends of mine are expecting their first child in March next year. I have to confess to being overcome with cluckiness. At this distance--in time and geography--I'll confine myself to making pretty wraps and decorating teeny-tiny items of clothing in gender-neutral colours. Later on I'll book myself some plane tickets for a couple of weeks after the due date.
Here's a polar fleece wrap, bound in pretty polka dot poplin. As a bonus I got to try out the knee lift presser foot attachment on my new sewing machine. It's so much fun to be able to go around corners without moving my hands from the work.
I've also made a couple of baby muslin wraps. And there's a quilt in the planning stages. This is the first baby of the new generation and it's hard to contain my enthusiasm in the making department. 


Dee said...

It reminds me of gelato - mmmmm.
It is fun to find and make cute baby stuffs. ;)

EeeeeeeK said...

Can I haz one too?

Chiara Z said...

Aunties need cuddles too! How does zebra print fleecy sound?