Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Something Different

I went to a candle-making workshop on the weekend. It's not my usual thing, but a pleasant change. Funnily enough, colour mixing was right there--using either colour blocks--a bit like way crayons--for pastel shades or liquid dyes for clearer colours. The other element was fragrance, which isn't part of my usual repertoire.

The candles we made in the class were simple tea-lights and votives, but yesterday I went to my nearest Op shop looking for interesting glassware. I found this.
I think it's supposed to be a champagne glass, lovely and tall with an etched design and a hollow stem. Probably not the best for drinking out of, but a happy challenge as a candle-holder. Actually it was my friend L talking about something like this that prompted my excursion into candle-making. I'm thinking of adding some beads to the mix, so it should be interesting. 

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