Friday, August 24, 2012

Exploring Pretty

With the encouragement of my first "Make Craft Your Business" class and the prospect of a market stall in the near future, I went back to exploring possibilities for my flower brooches.
I had a whole ball of this hand-dyed cotton yarn--enough for many flowers. There's no way I would repeat myself so many times. The one on the top right of the pic is my usual pattern. The centre one grew from a facebook post by "yarnbomb consortium". That led me to a pattern from adorn magazine. For some reason mine doesn't look much like their pic, but it got me thinking about different ways to make petals. The other two are knitted versions.
I think I'll build on the new crochet design today. I want to make it firmer as that will be more stable for a brooch. 


Dee said...

pretty. I haven't seen anything pastel off your needles for a while.

Textile Tragic said...

I don't tend to get excited about pastels, but this one is growing on me.