Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink for a Change

I've been spinning my way through the marine coloured tops. After the multi-marle version was finished I did 50 grams of each of the solid colours. There's half a kilo of spinning already. Then I made different colour combinations, mixing the blues together for one and the greens for another. So despite the fact that those colours haven't re-appeared on my blog for a while, they have been in my hands pretty much every day. I have one more combination to do to complete the set, but I've decided to use my drum-carder for that one. It's one of the fierce-looking pieces of equipment that hides out in the studio.

This morning I went to the basket to find a new project. I picked this out.
This definitely doesn't look fierce. It's as shiny and soft and sweet as they come. A merino-lyocell blend from Stranded in Oz. It's one of my previously unacknowledged purchases from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. You know the ones that hide out in the bottom of your bag and don't get counted in the tally at the end of the day because they weren't on the list?

Yes it looks like fairy floss, especially when the tops are split up ready to spin. There is a risk that 100 grams will give me that terrible feeling of too much sweetness. I'm planning to spin it quite fine. I'll spin the first half and see how I go. 

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