Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Many Choices

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed this morning. Is there are word for "overwhelmed" in a good way? There are so many options--so many possibilities to try. I can't possibly follow up even half of them.

I've had exploring brown on my to-do list. I printed out a couple of version of this photo and was amazed at what I saw. Then I picked this flower on my walk a few days ago.
The darkest brown dye I have in my library is called red ochre. It's not a bad match for one of the colours here, but there are all sorts of other browns and reds and golden colours too. Even so, it's probably a more realistic starting point than my surprising tree bark. But first I need to finish off and clean up my primary colours and get some of the candle making out of the way. Thankfully there were plenty of banksia flowers on that particular bush. 

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Dee said...

'Possibilities paralysis' or ' brain bursting bits' or 'creative ADHD' or 'can't sleep for ideas' or 'look out woman on a crafting spree coming through' or, or, or... you know I can keep coming up with these almost infinitum. i so know what you mean though. My house and life are evidence of the same affliction. I seem to be hopping form one thing to the next. My hope is that eventually it will all even out and be wonderful, but ya know it'll never be quite done. Meanwhile there's always pretty flowers...