Thursday, August 2, 2012


I've happily agreed to dye some yarn for an encouraging friend. The colourway will be hot-pink-purple. I've obviously had fun in the past with these colours, but it's been a little while and I'm keen to re-acquaint myself with the available options. In particular I have two very similar dyes: landscape grevillea and galah. I figure the best way to check them out is to put them near each other and see if I can tell the difference in real life. I think I'll dye this batch of yarns in the microwave. So I picked up a stray skein of undyed handspun. It weighs in at 25 grams. Here it is soaked and ready to go with the two colours in question separated by the purpley cyclamin.
I can just see a difference between the two pinks in real life and maybe also on my monitor. Meanwhile I have another two different purples and that's before I start mixing colours from first principles, so there will be no shortage of variety.
While I've been uploading the photo and typing, the yarn has been heated in the microwave. Now I just need to wait for it to  react and then rinse it out before I can see the result. 


Sharon said...

Wow....I am entranced! Enthralled! Ecstatic!!! Flinging hand-blown kisses southwards to wing their way to you...

Textile Tragic said...

Soon you will be Extremely Tantalised because I will do various tests and trials before I'm ready to commit to the real thing--and the results will look different from the initial shots, but that's all part of the joy:)