Monday, August 27, 2012

Flower Variety

I'm filling in some of the gaps in my range of flower brooches. Of course there are plenty of pinks and purples in the collection already. On my table today:
The white one is made from Bendigo 2 ply yarn--it was an experiment. The blue-green is one of my procion hand-dyes--a corn silk fibre. The brown is a hand-dyed wool, left over from my latest armchair project. 


Dee said...

The blue-green one is a colour combo that I am seeing everywhere now. It is lovely and fresh.
That white one looks so lovely and frilly - I bet it took a while to knit with a tiny 2ply.
I am sure the brown will get snapped up to as it is popular and easy to wear.

Chiara Z said...

Thanks--the white was going to be something else, otherwise it wouldn't have happened:)