Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Look and Learn

I'm following up on the couple of colour studies I mentioned yesterday. I've pulled out the dyes for my primary colours and am busy dyeing small samples in a range of dilutions. Meanwhile I've been spinning my blue-green multimarle tops. It's cold and blustery in Melbourne this morning. My spinning chair faces out my front window. There's lots of time to think while my hands are busy, or to just stare out the window as the case may be. Sometimes I'm not sure which one I'm doing. My silver princess gum tree is right there in front of the window. Normally I think of this tree in terms of its spectacular flowers, interesting shape and lovely silver bark, but now I'm thinking about browns and looks what's there.
This is the older bark--revealed when the silver bark peels back on the lower parts of the trunk. There's so much there--browns, golds, greens, orange. I think I'll print out this picture and look more closely before I pick out some more dyes to play with. And I think I'll wear my warmest gear when I head out for my sewing class in a few minutes. It's seriously cold out there. Just as well it was the base of the trunk I wanted to photograph. The rest of the tree is whipping about in the wind. I would have snapped a blur of branches if I'd tried for anything higher up the tree. 


Dee said...

I like the colour combinations. That green is striking and the pinky-brown around it with the gold looks like make-up. If I saw that combo I wouldn't have believed that it came from tree bark.
Imagine cropping it so you just see the green into pink into gold and out of context of the tree. Would you pick it as tree bark?

Textile Tragic said...

I've just printed the pic out A4 size--and it could be lots of things other than tree-bark.