Thursday, August 9, 2012

By Request

My friend Sharon requested some yarn in the hot pink-purple tones I've been using for my socks. It's just about ready.
The weather here hasn't been conducive to drying, so the skeins are hanging on the back of my spinning chair in the living room, where they can have the benefit of some warm air. After that I just need to wind them into balls and they're ready to go. I anticipate a happy visit to the post office tomorrow.
Meanwhile I've been working on a hand-dyed colour wheel for myself. I'm using teeny-tiny samples, so it's been fiddly, but dyeing is always fun.


Sharon said...

This is unarguably the best thing to enter my a country mile!!! I showed M the pic of your socks and the progressive dye pots and he was suitably impressed and sharing my excitement. Oh for the time now to retreat into the weak Canberra sunlight (threatened today by rain & snow!) and find the best hat pattern for this treasure! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and knitting bag xx

Textile Tragic said...

You're welcome--from the bottom of my heart and dye pots:)!! And thanks for the opportunity. It's been a happy process.

Dee said...

Those colours look so nice ad bright.

Sharon said...

Today brought my gorgeous wool in the mail and I am genuinely gobsmacked by the vividness of the colours! They are wonderful and truly more splendid than anticipated =D. Thank you my wonderful friend! xox

Textile Tragic said...

You're very welcome--it's been fun to do the dyeing and great to share your excitement.