Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Champagne Service (and a cute cat)

I'm just back from a clothes shopping expedition--not my favourite activity. I was after some everyday t-shirts in my current size. Since I'm hoping my current size will only be a passing phase on my ongoing journey to a healthier me, I wasn't out to spend a lot of money or a lot of time.

I found some basic t-shirts in a style I like. I tried on the black one. It fits. Great! My plan was to buy a few colours. I rejected the liver-coloured one and the bright apricot-pink. Likewise the plain white. The mint green went into my basket. Then there was my favourite bright marine blue-green.  They call it Caribbean. I wanted one. There were plenty there in every size except mine. I asked for help.

Here's where the story takes an unexpected turn. A lovely tall young woman answered the page with a smile on her face. She proceeded to
  • quickly check the stock while tidying up the shelf
  • check the computer
  • verify the stock against the computer entry because the computer seemed to have the wrong information
  • check the boxes out the back of the store
  • check the fitting room
  • take my name and number with a promise to contact me when the expected stock came in.
. . . all of this done cheerfully, quickly and efficiently.

I literally just got home. My first task was to feed my dogs. The phone rang before I'd filled their bowls. It was K-mart Northcote. I said, "Don't tell me you found the shirts the minute I walked out of the store". No, but she had arranged for three in my size to be transferred from a nearby store. I should hear from them in a couple of days.

Now, I don't normally rant about bad service, young people these days and other such, grumpy old lady topics. But I am seriously impressed and thankful. That's what I call champagne service on a soft-drink budget--I gather beer is expensive these days.  

As for the cat, it's white and fluffy with mismatched eyes, and has nothing to do with my story, but I had to give you something nice to look at, and the shirts aren't that exciting.
He (or she) was sitting on the fence when I walked past the other day with an inscrutable cat-stare in blue and green. That's all. 


Sharon said...

What a fab story! You know, I think the word 'inscrutable' is actually used in one of T.S. Eliot's poems (Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats) which were adapted by Andrew Lloyd Webber into the musical "Cats".... Snap! =D

Chiara Z said...

Great! You sing the songs, I'll take the photos:)

Dee said...

Great story, it had me smiling. Shopping is a difficult and often unpleasant task (understatement I know), it makes my day when I get great service. :) I know you will have left top feedback for this excellent assistant.
PS - love the cat pic. Inscrutable is such a good word for that look.

Chiara Z said...

I emailed "customer satisfaction" and got a reply saying they had forwarded it to local and regional management. I think she'll get her appropriate commendation.

EeeeeeeK said...

Genetic mutations at their finest, I want a cat like that, it'll go nicely with the streak of black fur that purrs when I cuddle it XD... and my Sehlat :P