Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sewing is Easy

I'm going to a party on Saturday. Well, it feels like a  party to me anyway. My local fabric store is hosting a Charity Sewing Day--scroll down to the bottom of the page for the details. Rebecca, one of their staff, is preparing for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Not only is she training to ride 200 kilometers in two days, but she's also aiming to raise more than $3000 to benefit the Peter Mac Cancer Centre.  The Charity Sewing Day is a fundraiser and we will be making quilts for children with cancer. So it's a double support day, really. Bec has asked for 10 inch blocks for these quilts. That's not a size I often use, so I googled and found this block. I thought it would be nice and easy to make, and a good way to feature a special fabric. My next thought was to try it out and maybe start making a few blocks in advance. If all goes well it would be nice to put together enough for a quilt top.

It's a while since I did much quilting at home. I went out to the studio and looked at the quilting corner. There was a pile of fabrics spilling out of boxes and onto the floor. I started sorting. I did enough sorting to find a feature fabric and to gain access to my cutting table. Then I had to do more sorting to find matching fabrics. I decided to use some of my hand-dyed cottons. They needed ironing. I did that. Next I figured out the instructions and worked out what I needed to cut. After cutting came stitching. That was the easy part. Then a bit of pressing; some more cutting and some more stitching. I'm happy with the result. If my calculations are correct I have enough fabric for 40 blocks. That's more than enough for a quilt top. Now all the hard work is done. Sewing tomorrow should be easy.


Vireya said...

That block is a good find! I like the layout on the last page. I spent a lot of time looking through books for something that was the right size, but this is better than what I found. Then I looked for fabrics. So you got a lot further than I did.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--it took the whole afternoon, but now I feel as though I'm on a roll.