Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Scarf

I finished this scarf yesterday.
I decided the yarn was just the thing for another go at the ruffles design I made here. The yarn is a mohair blend which turned out to be too soft for its original purpose. There's no such thing as too soft for one of these scarves and the crochet structure adds strength. Now it's in a box on its way to my friend D along with her blanket and other bits and pieces which have been waiting to make the trip north. Whether she's out in the elements or curled up on the couch my friend can have a bit of woolly goodness to keep her warm. 


Dee said...

Oh wow! WOW WOW!
It looks so good I am really looking forward to its coral-ly warmth. I know I will have to guard this one from the teens. THANKS HEAPS. :)

Textile Tragic said...

Glad you're happy. I printed YOUR name on the box, so you would get first dibs on it:)