Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Heels

Here's my idea of the perfect footwear for a great night in.
The yarns are Bendigo 8-ply--I can't quite remember which one as it's years since I dyed these--on 4mm double pointed needles and 5 stitches per inch. I used the adult medium size from Anne Budd's "Getting Started Knitting Socks". And I'm proud to say I did the Kitchener stitch for the toes without checking the book while talking to a friend over coffee. I am rather pleased with that effort. I've re-established my confidence in my basic sock knitting skills after a little break. Now I need to look for a new challenge, but in the meantime I've cast on another pair in the same yarn, this time using the Spiral Rib pattern for the cuffs. That will be the project I carry around to knit in any spare minutes while I'm out and about. The new challenge--whatever it might be--will be reserved for times when I can concentrate and I'll get on with a new big project for my armchair. 


Dee said...

I would wear them out at night in winter too - inside my boots, but them I am almost always permanently frozen toed (if that's not a real word I just made it up) ;)
These days I would even consider them for a 'hot date' with my blanket, pillow and a good book.
In case you hadn't realised I think they are fabo.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--unfortunately you'd need a size bigger boots--they are thick socks!