Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Sack

On the subject of shrinkage . . . I've been gently losing weight for a few months now. Today I tackled the inevitable mountain of alterations and repairs that builds up even with only one person to cater for here. It's a good way to get to know my new sewing machine with lots of little tasks: different stitches and fabrics. I bought this top early in autumn thinking it would be a staple. I was so sure that I bought two. However it's spent more time in the alterations pile than it ever spent in my active wardrobe. My gentle weight loss has turned it into a black sack.

I like my tops to be simple, but somewhat fitted in the bust. I find it's the best way of dealing with my generous figure. This top featured a nice set in sleeve and a bust dart in a crinkly stretch knit. Add some interesting seam details and it was a good choice for me. Since it had so many aspects that I liked I committed myself to altering it rather than discarding it when I found it was no longer a good fit. I've changed my mind.

If you look carefully at  the not-so-good pic above you should detect a pin on the shoulder seam. That pin marks where the point of my shoulder now falls. It's nearly half of the shoulder seam. That's how much fabric I would need to take out to make the shoulder fit nicely again. I'd need to take a similar amount out of the side seam at the underarm. Doing so would almost obliterate the bust dart. I may as well make an entirely new top for myself. That way at least I'd have a pattern I can use if I like the result. Two black tops are about to make their way out of my house. Next stop, the Opp Shop.

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Dee said...

or the ross box.

Losing weight is nice, altering clothes is not. If you have any nice knit fabrics that you no longer want will you please same them for me. I'll tell you why later...
buying new stuff is nice if the budget can sustain it... shopping isn't always so much fun although there are more options in regular sizes.:)