Monday, July 30, 2012

More of the Same

The toe-up socks are progressing. This morning I knitted the second heel.
Now that I've got the basic process pretty much sorted, I need to work on the little refinements, such as those gaps that appear at the end of the short-row shaping. Meanwhile I will soon have replaced the unfortunate hot-heels socks. Just to be absolutely contrary, I put the accidentally-felted pair through the washing machine cycle one more time--this time on purpose. I want the felting to be so thorough that I can cut the knitted fabric without the stitches unravelling. Then I will have learnt something useful about felting in my front-loader. In my mind that pretty much redeems the loss of my lovely warm socks.


Sharon said...

I am so impressed with your sophisticated sockiness! AND I Love, Adore, Cherish the colours of this wool! Did you dye it yourself?

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--I like the term "sophisticated sockiness" :) Yes the hot colours came out of my dye pot. Not sure that I could do the same again, but I'd give it a try.