Saturday, July 14, 2012

Look What I Found

While I was sorting my stash of quilting fabrics the other day I came across this.
It was intended as a cushion cover. I got as far as knitting it and then abandoned it. If I remember correctly I was also demonstrating cables for a class at the time. I've read advice at various times about putting warm colours in the living room in winter time. At this stage of my interior decorating life I'd be happy to have things relatively clean and tidy, let alone having seasonal colour accents. So I'm not going to be using this cushion cover any time soon. There's a picture winging its way through cyberspace as I type. Hopefully a friend of mine will be happy to use it. Otherwise I'll have to choose between ripping it out and re-using the wool or sending it to the Op shop unfinished.


Dee said...

EK says "yes please!" and "Meow" accompanied by an impression of one of those nodding pets in the car window.

Textile Tragic said...

Great! It will go in the snail mail box and make its way to you a little more sedately this time;)

Sharon said... this! Do you have the pattern somewhere still? Is it red or more rust in shade? It looks a lot like the shade of the cushion cover I'm making with my intro-to-cable practice. This pattern might make a great 2nd cushion beside it.

Textile Tragic said...

It's a rusty red. The pattern is in my head:)