Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bold and Bright

I didn't get to finish my quilt top at the Charity Sewing Day on Saturday because I somehow managed to mix up the pieces I'd brought along. Now it's done.

Oops, that photo's out of focus--better make that "bold, bright and blurry". I've already put it in the car ready to drop off at GJ's when I'm driving past, so there won't be a better shot.

They were looking to make quilts about a meter square--just enough for a comforting cuddle rather than a bed size--so that's how big it is. Otherwise I might have added a couple of rows of the blue and orange to make it a bit more symmetrical. 


Vireya said...

It looks great! I will have to try that block sometime.

Dee said...

That top looks great... oops I should just say, Same as she said. But Vireya is right; it really is great, good, fab...
some little person will be delighted to receive a cuddle in that one. :)