Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Felt Flower Pin

I've just had a happy couple of hours in my studio. First I tidied up a bit. Then I rewarded myself with some making. I've had this tutorial printed out for quite a while. While tidying up I found my misplaced scraps of template plastic. I had some felt handy--nothing flash, but good enough to test a pattern. Here's the result.
I'm sorry now that I wasn't more careful with the pencil lines I used to trace the templates onto the off-white felt. I'm hoping the marks will wear off. And funnily enough, even though this is offered as a no-sew felt flower design, I was much more comfortable stitching it all together than digging out my hot-glue gun. Stitching it also allowed me to shape the petals as I secured all the bits in place. I used an extra layer of felt to cover the back of the flower base. That gave it a bit more substance and covered up all my big messy stitches. I've carefully saved the pattern pieces in a little bag stapled to the tutorial for next time. There will certainly be a next time.
And I made myself another beaded pin to cheer up my black winter coat. It looks small in the picture, but that's only because the felt flower is quite large. That's an A4 page there if you're looking for a reference point. 


Vireya said...

Very pretty!

And good to know you have a hot glue gun - I might want to borrow it sometime.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--and feel free to borrow the hot glue gun. I rarely use it. And I also have a not-so-hot glue gun. I guess it's a warm glue gun.