Monday, July 16, 2012

Handwash Only

My hot heels socks have undergone an unplanned transformation.
They went through a regular wash cycle in my washing machine along with my ordinary cotton socks and various other bits and pieces. As you can see they will never fit on my feet again. Is there some-one with a very small foot who could use a pair of felt slippers? Or are there a pair of felt wristies and other original pieces in my future?


Dee said...

oh NO! :( They look like child size socks now.
Hmmm socks that need hand wash only aren't very life friendly.
Good luck finding small feet for them.
If not there are heaps of fun things to make with felted wool, but there sure are simpler ways to acquire one's wool felt than a shrunken pair of hand-knitted socks.

Vireya said...


Textile Tragic said...

Oooops indeed! At least I have no-one to blame but myself:)

Sharon said...

Oh lament...I feel your pain. Btw...another dose of kudos to my favourite wool shop. They restocked the variegated blue I'm using for the knitted exactly the same dye lot!! So now I have enough for the border without trying to colour match another brand. May be in touch soon for guidance on my first use of circular needles =D

Textile Tragic said...

Great--by all means get in touch. I'll be happy to talk you through it.