Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nifty Knitting

I love knitting, and do a lot of it, but there are plenty of tips and tricks I am still learning. Yesterday I tried this for the first time.
I often add a crochet border to my knitting. This time I added a knitted border. That involved picking up stitches around the edge and then increasing at the corners. A little knitted facewasher or dishcloth was perfect as  test piece. And no I haven't woven in the loose ends or blocked it to make it look lovely yet. 

I'm planning to make a blanket or two out of my hand-dyed blue yarns. In fact a lot of the knitting is already done. I'm just working out how to put it all together and finish it off nicely. I think a knitted border will be part of the final design. 


Dee said...

cool technique and a knitted washer or dishcloth is always useful... mind you if it is one of your lovely hand spun yarns it feels like sacrilege to use it as a dish cloth.

Textile Tragic said...

Don't worry, it's hand-dyed, but a corn-rayon fibre, so not sacrilege:)