Saturday, August 13, 2011

This and That

It's been a difficult week and I haven't been feeling very creative. At the same time it's good to keep up routines and to have something to occupy my mind. I had some books to return to the library yesterday. I took a bit of time to look for something new to read. I came home with some journals and contemporary accounts of early European explorers of the East Coast of Australia.

In case you're interested, my train of thought went something like this . . .
  • Last week I was looking at flowers for the Creative Kids. I took out some books about Australian wildflowers as a resource.
  • I have a long time fascination with botanical art.
  • I'm working to improve my drawing skills.
  • Collecting and recording strange plants and animals was a major task of the early explorers.
  • I'm keen to learn more about history. Personal accounts and biographies are one way of doing that--and I'm especially interested in the way individual characters come through.
So I came home with several journals to read. There are are a few original drawings in Joseph Banks' published journals. The letter above is one written by James Cook prior to his departure from England in 1768. Coincidentally, I'm going to a free-motion machine quilting class this morning. The flourishes and curls on the capital letters remind me of the sort of work I hope to eventually be able to do with my sewing machine.

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