Monday, August 1, 2011

Thank You Project

Sussex Neighbourhood House celebrates a big birthday next week. It's been 20 years of community building--that's worth making a fuss about. I was approached to help with a project to celebrate some of the people who have built the community over the years.

Initially we hoped to do some new portrait photos and gather stories, but the realities of available time and people-power made that impossible. Instead we've been working with the photos we already have. During the week of the birthday we'll be asking participants to add to the photos we have. There will be craft supplies available for people to make Thank You cards, write notes and share their stories. I'm hoping it will be an encouraging time for all those involved.



SewSofie said...

Abi and I will definitely make an appearance

Textile Tragic said...

Look forward to seeing you there--posters are done, cake is ordered, it's all a go:)