Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glue Story

Creative Kids class yesterday was a satisfying challenge for me. I usually teach adults, so ten children between the ages of six and twelve was a different experience. And doing collage with a new group in a limited time frame was always going to be interesting. Of course I over-prepared . . .
The grevillea and gum flowers I had picked for inspiration were of more interest as craft materials than as something to look at, and most of the books stayed on the table. But the fabric and wool scraps were very exciting to use--so much so that the pile of magazines was pretty much untouched. With all those fascinating possibilities for 3-D creations the glue got a very good work out. I'm glad I'd thought to bring supplies of extra-tacky glue. It was in huge demand. The pegs for holding things down while waiting for the glue to dry were also handy, though some of them tried to become part of the art work!  By the end of the session each child had made something beautiful to take home. And I'd gained a heap more insight into the way different personalities tackle a creative challenge. To add to the fun and satisfaction, several children had made themselves necklaces or other ornaments out of wool, ribbon and buttons; or asked to take home an extra bit of something coloured and fluffy for later use.

To learn more about Creative Kids, please head over to Amanda's blog. She is their regular teacher and developer of this whole program.


Amanda said...

I'm certainly giggling. You never quite know where the CK's will head in their creative explorations. Thanks so much again and from the look of things it was a lot of fun! The gardens are just gorgeous. Cheers Amanda

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks Amanda--it was a great experience for me:)