Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flower Fantasies

I've been invited to fill in for a class with the Creative Kids group at Sussex Neighbourhood House. It's a creative art group for children of primary school age. Amanda started the group and I've been following with interest as the concept develops. She's tied up with other teaching this week, so I get to participate. I'm following along the theme of the flowers that have been intriguing me lately, but now thinking about it in a child-centred way. All of a sudden bits and pieces around the house take on a new significance . . .
No, this is not an egg carton. It's a dozen flower bases and a planter box! I'll get to raid my fabric and wool stash and see what these creative kids get up to. Look out for some photos on the weekend.

edited to add
Change of plan--one of the children has an egg allergy--we'll use something else!

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