Saturday, August 20, 2011


I finished knitting this little piece yesterday.
It's a fine little capelet and weighs in at only 56 grams, but it's been a long term project. I spun the wool-silk blend a couple of years ago and cast on at the collar. After shaping the shoulders and the neck opening I worked a pattern of regular increases until I ran out of wool. If you're wondering why it took so long, there's something like 800 stitches around the bottom edge. That's a lot of knitting. Now the big question will be how it sits on the person for whom it's intended and whether the shaping actually works in an attractive way. I hope to find that out tomorrow. Meanwhile the ends have been sewn in and I'm on to a new project.


Dee said...

That's really cute. Will you show us a pic of it on so we can see and admire?

Textile Tragic said...

I guess that depends how it looks and how the "model" feels about it.