Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Equipment

There must be something seriously wrong in my world, because when I had the opportunity of 30% off everthing at my local fabric and craft superstore yesterday I could only think of a single item I wanted to buy. And they didn't have it.

My friend V dropped in at lunch time to share a cuppa and entice me on a shopping expedition. "All I want is quilting gloves", was my reply. V was kind enough to do a detour to the local Quilting Store on the way home, so I came home with these.  
 The 20 cent coin is there for a size comparison. These are the smallest gloves I could find. They seem to be a perfect fit. I've been told that the cheap rubber-tipped cotton gloves you can find in the supermarket work just as well as the ones designed for quilting. That's all very well for those with longer fingers than mine. They're no good for me. Even the small size leaves me with excess fabric at the end of my fingers--that's no good for precision control. Are you wondering what these gloves are for? They're to help me keep an easy grip on the fabric when I do free-motion quilting. Now I have everthing I need to get practicing. Time and concentration I need to supply myself. 

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