Friday, February 11, 2011


Instead of coming straight home after my first day in the Textile Art course at Box Hill, I caught up with a friend for dinner. Now it's late and I'm tired, but my mind is racing:
  • how do we know what we know?
  • where does creativity come from?
  • what does it mean to "draw a beautiful straight line"
  • is Red a primary colour?
  • which acrylic paints will I buy before our next class?

. . . and did I really go the whole day without stopping for a drink of water!


Dee said...

ooooo... such fun. I love pondering and discussing such matters.
so is red really a primary colour?
I was of the long-held belief that red was indeed a primary coulour. but admittedly all of my knowledge was based on what my art teacher told me at school.
Is there now some move afoot to boot red of the primary coulours team?
mmm how do we know what we know? I recall doing an essay on that topice many years ago. em is doing a whole subject on it as part of seniour. I think her essay is due mid year and she has to pick an aaspect of it on which to wtite.
water... oh my you were having lots of fun. be kind to yourself. :)

Textile Tragic said...

Our teacher argued strongly for "magenta" as the primary, rather than red . . . I'm still thinking about it and playing with the concept of "how do we know?" around the colour theory as well.