Monday, February 21, 2011

Colour Blending

I spent a long afternoon mixing paint samples on the weekend. I was working to complete my colour mixing exercises. I'll admit it, the job could have been done more quickly, but I kept trying for just that bit more: shading, blending, subtlety, precision . . .

I could happily spend another day on that task, but first I've turned my attention to the stitch part of the process. My task is to create the appearance of secondary colours using primary colours on a white or black background. I'm limited to using six-stranded embroidery cotton and seed stitch. It's certainly more challenging than mixing paint. I decided to use the macro lens for this pic, even though having it out of focus would have enhanced the appearance of blending. One thing is clear, even though I'm less than satisfied with this first attempt, I'm not about to just have another go at it. There's too much concentration, time and effort involved and I still have a running stitch sample to do. I'm hoping the blend will be easier to achieve the second time round. The process is to substitute one of the six strands of the embroidery cotton at a time--still using only the primary colours.

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