Sunday, February 20, 2011


Our topic in design class on Friday included exploring 3-D structures and ways of depicting them in a 2-dimensional medium. In one exercise we attempted to describe an egg without using shading--or language. The idea was to use the pencil tip to traverse the terrain of the egg's surface--in our imagination of course.

I found myself continuing to think about the form of an egg. Coincidentally, I have a frittata on my agenda today. I need to re-stock the easy-meal-supply in my fridge. I saved the last egg and blew it out rather than cracking it into the bowl. A good rinse with a couple of syringe-fulls of water and it's ok to keep for a while--though I will need to be careful to put it in a safe place. Now before I spend too much time exploring, I will need to finish off some of the more defined homework exercises, then I can get as engrossed as I like and I'll still be up to date come next Friday.


Dee said...

I can't think of any way to depict an egg on paper without shading. How did you do it?

Textile Tragic said...

With difficulty!