Thursday, February 3, 2011

Close Up

Another half dozen completed Quilt as You Go blocks were delivered to the Neighbourhoood House yesterday. They just need to be squared off to the exact size and they're good to go. L had the basket of blocks and strips stored under her desk yesterday. I borrowed it so I can do a bit of sewing this morning. Meanwhile I've had a moment to enjoy some of the little details. This colour combination caught my eye. It's not one I would normally choose, but it works well and I'd like to play with it some time. One of the things I love about quilts in general, and particularly scrappy quilts, is the way a detail will jump out and catch my attention. This particular little scrap of fabric is a corner piece, so there's maybe 10cm by 3 cm of it in a mass of other fabrics, but there it is ready to interest and inspire me.

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