Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I received my requirements list for my new course recently. For some reason it includes materials for each semester of work over the next three years. I certainly don't need to get hold of all that stuff right now, but reading through and imagining the work in my future is exciting--tantalising, even!

This term we need paper of different textures. Next term it's different textures of fabrics. Already I've tucked away some scraps of flannel and corduroy. Here's part of this morning's load of washing:
Two different types of towelling and a frayed selvage . . . slightly different qualities of cotton, arrangement and length of the pile, wear and tear . . . and that's just doing my routine chores. How much variety will there be when we really focus on it!

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Knitspingirl said...

Oooo! A new course - how exciting!
Can't wait to see/hear all about it!!