Saturday, February 19, 2011


Another Friday; another tantalising aray of ideas; another set of colour exercises . . . and the prospect of another week too short to contain it all! I've chosen the colour red for today's post because it was a surprising common point between our morning and afternoon classes yesterday. One of our exercises in the morning was to depict the colour red using a 2B pencil on white paper. We had about three minutes. In the afternoon we worked on more basics of colour theory: hue, tint and shade; saturation and the illusion of colour mixing produced by juxtaposition. Today I need to recharge my batteries, bring some more order into my living arrangements and do some homework. This cone of yarn could contribute a little to each of those priorities. I pulled it down off the shelf because I need to move it into the studio. It's a mass of red fibre and an interesting combination of line and texture. Focussing on it for a few minutes is energising.

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