Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Straight Line

If eagerness to do homework is anything to go by, then I'm onto something good with my new course. I spent a happy hour or two yesterday morning snipping bits of colour from magazines to construct a colour wheel for my Colour Theory subject. This morning I was sitting in stitching away on my armchair blanket project. But my eyes were otherwise occupied, darting around the room and the view of my front garden, picking out lines of various kinds.

It was worth getting up and opening the front door to capture this one:Here's a beautiful straight line for this morning.

Now my camera and I are going for a drive in the country. A friend of mine is visiting from interstate. I was to have caught up with her this last week, but life got too complicated and I asked her not to come into town to meet me. Instead I'm planning to head down the Princes Highway to Drouin. In a way it would be nice to stay cozy and quiet at home, but I'm sure the effort will be worth it.

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