Monday, July 19, 2010

Wrong is Good

I thought I didn't have room in my home for another loom. At least not until I manage to build the big garden shed I'm dreaming of as a studio. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I made a couple of spontaneous purchases at the Bendigo Wool Show. Here's one: It's the teeniest tiniest loom I've ever seen. It's a version of the "weave-it loom" and I'm glad to find room for it at my place. It could pretty much fit in my pocket and might even make it past airport security, since the needle has a blunted end. I'm not going to try that, though because it's a precious little thing. It came with lovely clear instructions. They turned out to be as easy as 1, 2, 3--and the numbers are branded on the timber, so it's extra clear.

Oh, it's nice to be wrong when it means I have a super-cute new little piece of equipment to enjoy! Already my brain is generating variations and possibilites and meanwhile I need to make a few more little squares to memorise the pattern of interlacing.


Knitspingirl said...

Love the loom - I have one about 4 times the size.

My only question is - how do you join the finished squares together?

Textile Tragic said...

According to the instructions that came with mine: handsew or crochet them together. So far I've only made one, so the issue hasn't arisen:) I'm thinking of using them for greeting cards, but there are patterns online made up of squares and rectangles of different sizes. You can also get triangles.

Dee said...

Oh that is sweet. the piece to comeo ff it is cute too.
i had (perhaps still have) a childs plastic one of these complete with instructions and half set-up. It has two of the bits in the set and was a gift to one of my kids many many years ago. Do you wantit if i haven't dee-cluttered it?

Textile Tragic said...

ummm, maybe . . . I'd love to have a look at it--thanks:)