Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Little Twist

I've been working at adding a few brighter touches to my wardrobe. Last week it was a pair of wristwarmers and matching hat in blue and red. I had a little bit of that yarn left over, not really enough for another project, but I wanted to make something of it. Here's what I did:
I added some black yarn and made a twisted cord. Then I wrapped the two ends together to make a tassel and dressed it up with some beads. I haven't worn it yet. It was made in a burst of creativity before I left for Bendigo on Saturday. I'm a bit ambivalent about it: does it look too much like curtain tie back? I guess I won't really know how it works for me until I put it on and wear it around for a bit. Anyway it was fun and used up the last of that batch of yarn. Now today I'd like to do some dyeing as well as find a bit more space amongst the chaos. And I'd better get some paperwork sorted.


SewSofie said...

I think its beautiful. I often look around wondering if i'll see you one day by chance. I'll know its you because of all the beautiful things you've made.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks:) that's really sweet!

Dee said...

when i saw the pic I thought it was a neat curtain tie-back. then I read through your blog and had a little giggle. :) so , yes a tie-back... however it is really gorgeous and i think it would also look good as a lariate. please try it out and tell us how it goes.

Textile Tragic said...

I wore it yesterday. Nobody stopped me to ask about my curtains and I felt OK with it. I like the brightness, but really my two commenters sum up the dilemma beautifully. I wonder how I could modify the design to minimise the soft furnishing association.