Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bunny Rug--Reprise

I'm trying to get some order in my house. That's a long term project--such a long term project that I don't really want to think about it. One small step in that project involves finding and completing some of the little items that are piling up on various chairs around the place.

This is one of the bunny rugs I started some time ago. There should be a link in the previous sentence to take you to the spot in this blog where I posted about it. I don't want to face that reality just now. On the positive side, here it is: complete. There's a layer of hot pink starry flannel, backed by a layer of pretty purple starry cotton; all bound together with a strip of lemon yellow. I think that's three bunny rugs done and five to go. I also think that if I want to improve my completion rate I'm going to have to change my approach. I love hand-hemming, but I can feel a batch of machine-stitched binding coming on. Apart from getting the job done faster, it will make me more confident in guiding those of my students who are horrified by all those little fiddly stitches around the edge of a completed quilt.

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Dee said...

oh yes use the machine... the result is perfectly acceptable and babies rarely fuss over such things. is this where I say that I thought these were all finished some time ago? :)