Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bendigo with a Twist

This is the weekend of the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo--usually a highlight of my year. This time I nearly didn't go. Somehow I managed to get myself all twisted up about it: I don't need any more fibre; it's a long way; I'm tired . . . I'd kept a couple of days free for the show, so there wasn't really a problem with conflicting commitments, though I do have a quilt working bee to run today. On Thursday evening I decided to see how I felt when I woke up. On Friday all I really wanted to do was sit in front of the heater and knit. I did that. Yesterday was similar, though by half way through the morning I'd had a creative burst and got a bit of my big table cleared. The phone rang just before 11 am: my friend M, just leaving home on her way to Bendigo, did I want her to pick me up. Yes, please!

We got to the showground just after 2 in the afternoon. Admittedly we'd had quite a successful visit to the Woollen Mills on our way. The Fashion Parade was over for the day. I decided not to try to see all the exhibits. I didn't have a shopping list. What about just focussing on fun and friendship? That was a good plan. I talked to people, saw some great fibre and bought one or two things that I don't really need.
Right at the end of the day I found my friend Charly, tucked away in a shed right at the end of the showground. To think that I nearly missed this:

If you're looking for Charly at the show: she's in the Flower Shed, right down the bottom of the showgrounds, past the back gate. Can I say, her fibres are even more spectacular than her green plush bunny costume. Note to self: when in doubt, try letting go and having fun.

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Dee said...

go Charly! :)