Saturday, July 24, 2010


This wool-silk top is one of the results of the Natural Dyeing day at the Guild a couple of weeks ago. It's dyed with Eucalyptus and I'm quite pleased with it. The wool has taken the rich brown-orange colour, while the silk has taken a lighter shade. I'm keen to see how it looks spun up. Even though they're quite fine fibres, I'm going to try to spin it with enough thickness to maintain the marbling in the colour. I always have to think hard to keep spinning a consistent yarn when it's thicker than the fibre calls for. I think it will be worth it.

Later on today I'm going to meet my friend L at the train station. We're off to the Craft Fair, which includes the Victorian Quilters' Annual show. But there's at least an hour of good spinning left in the morning before I need to think about heading out the door. I mean to make the most of it. First a coffee, then I'll be back to the wheel.


Dee said...

nice colours.

Knitspingirl said...

This is going to sound dopey, but how do you dye your rovings without them felting on you? I've tried & failed, so would appreciate any tips you could give!

Textile Tragic said...

Not dopey, but yes, it's a problem. I use all same rules as washing fleece: gradual temperature change, avoid agitation, don't crowd the pot, plus I use vinegar. I do break the rules, but try to break them only one at a time and I usually get away with it. I can go through step by step if you like, just ask.