Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'm slowly recovering from last weekend's DIY disaster. Yesterday I spent an amusing and productive hour at the local hardware store buying supplies to patch my plaster wall. If I had a bit more courage I could probably make up my losses with a couple of comedy gigs! The story gets a reaction every time. I'm now the owner of a stud detector that also traces power cables behind the wall. Apparently there is no tool to detect plastic (PVC) water pipes--at least according to my group of new hardware friends.

I came home with enough plaster to fix many, many holes--3 kg is the smallest tub available.
I love the name: "Final Finish". It has a tone of assurance about it! I need that. You can see the patched wall in the background. This morning I'm trying to convince myself that it's safe to have another go at installing that cupboard. I have to confess that patching my wall was easier than patching my confidence. I'm going to carefully map out the territory lurking behind the plaster before I even think about picking up my power drill. Wish me luck.


Dee said...

LOL. your story definately has all the comedic makings necessary for good stand-up material.
I can see you did an impressive mending job on the wall. you'll do equally well on the shelf mounting as for the confidence mending... may i remind you of all of you many successful adventures in DIY? One mishap and many successes. you go girl! :)

ready for a giggle - my word recognition word is zeamph.

Vireya said...

Just realised this was yesterday's post, so it is probably too late to wish you luck!

Hope it went well, then... and if not, at least you will have material for your second season at the comedy festival...

Textile Tragic said...

Made progress and the cupboard is in place, but not yet secured. No disasters! I'm just going to take it a step at a time.