Friday, July 2, 2010


Ah ha! I found the motivational key to my mending dilemma. The combination of public accountability and human interest did the trick. Here's the repair, done:Once I started, it was a case of tackling the problem step by step. First weave in the broken ends. Then thread the needle with the repair thread and join it into the work near the holes. I've copied the treble stitches by making a double strand of yarn and working a couple of half hitches over each one. Then I've woven in the repair thread. That's the technical detail. The human detail is that I picked up the phone and chatted with my friend D while I did the job. That gave me an instant reinforcement on why I was being so crazy as to try to fix such a fiddly thing!


Dee said...

WOW!! that is an amazing repair job. I can hardly see it and that is magnified. Thanks heaps! My hands will delight in having my fingerless mittens again. :)

Textile Tragic said...

You're very welcome:) What I found amazing was how easy it felt once I actually had the needle and yarn in my hand. Before that it was quite daunting.