Monday, December 7, 2009

Work of Art!

I spent a happy couple of hours sitting under a tree in Northcote with my friend M this weekend. It was definitely a slow food establishment. One crepe-making burner, one staff member and a limited range of coffee options, but the crepes were a work of art--worth waiting for in my opinion. And the presentation was lovely and loving:

This is the strawberry crepe we shared for dessert: fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and cream. The venue has live music every night, so I'm guessing that Saturday afternoon is their slow time. They're gradually transforming the outside space from back-yard to "courtyard". I noticed some new garden beds since I was there last, but we still sat at a rickety table under a tree. Meanwhile my friends at Experimental Spinning were combining various fibres to make a chocolate themed batt, so I felt that I was participating in spirit, if not in person.

I've been doing a little bit of spinning and knitting each day and am starting to think about what next. Meanwhile, there's Christmas to work towards, with various bits of textiles to be incorporated into my gift-giving.


Peace said...

Ms Z.... NO more of those sorts of photos please... it's not fair to your friend D OR her friend L who is doing the food thing with her.

Dee said...

oh but it does look good....