Saturday, December 19, 2009


I had an unexpected visitor yesterday evening. It was R with a bagful of apricots from the tree in his garden. I happily accepted a bowlful: As you can see, they're not over-ripe. R suggested stewing them in the oven. That sounds like a plan, though I might use my slow cooker instead. I enjoyed the thought of R driving around the neighbourhood offering fruit to friends. There's a sense of community there.

Now this morning I'm thinking of the fruit in terms of colours. I can't say I selected the blue-rimmed bowl for artistic effect--it was just the first one that came to hand, but it works as a complementary-ish colour scheme. At least it would be complementary if the fruit were fully ripe, but what fascinates me is the gradations of colour in the fruit itself from quite a bright green through to a mellow orange. Hmmm, I wonder what I could do with that? Now that I've taken the photo, I don't have an excuse to delay dealing with the fruit. I know if I leave it in the bowl the colours will continue to develop in a fascinating way, I also know that I will lose my motivation and the rot will set in--literally! So, cutting up and stewing apricots is on the bonus "to do" list for this morning.

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