Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Basics

Young friends of mine are planning to set up a home together in the next year. Last week I got a phone call from J, "Are you making things this Christmas? . . . What about pot mits?" Sounds like fun! It looks as though the two of them will be sharing cooking tasks. So yesterday I got started on a big manly pot holder. I finished it off this morning. Two thicknesses of 8-ply wool in double crochet. My major complaint about commercial pot holders is that they contain so many synthetic materials that they melt if they come anywhere near a flame. Wool on the other hand is fire retardant. And this is chunky enough to double as a place to rest a hot pot. Now I've got kitchen towels and bath mats on the list as well. Oh, I love it when I get simple requests!


Dee said...

oooooo :) are you taking requests? I know another man who may like this one.

Knitspingirl said...

What a pretty pot holder! I've always been a little nervous about burning myself. I've managed to aquire some shiny aluminium heat-resistant wadding in my journeys, but haven't worked out how to attach it in a way that doesn't look like your average 5 year old did it! (grin)