Saturday, December 5, 2009


Twist is what holds spun fibres together in a yarn. The finer the yarn, the more twist needed to keep it together. I've been back at my spinning wheel the past couple of days--it's been too long since I spent time regularly at the wheel. I'm working on a small amount of wool-silk blend. I'm aiming for something fine and strong enough to use for embroidery. Here's where I got to this morning:
If I can make yarn like that consistently today, I'll be a happy spinner. I may yet need a little more twist, since I'll lose some when I go to ply it.


Dee said...

OMG! that yarn is so fine! it's not much thicker than the lines of your fingerprint. wow!
Will this one wear grooves in your fingers?
BTW - this new comment system is excellent! i haven't lost any comments or needed to retry - yay.

Textile Tragic said...

No damage to fingers so far. I'm doing small quantities and the tension is backed right off. Also it's wool and silk, not just wool, so softer than the other stuff.