Friday, December 18, 2009

Waffle Weave

Kitchen towels are on the list of things to make this Christmas. So I bought a couple of metres of cotton waffle weave:
It's one of those clever textile things where form follows function. The outer edges of the little squares are the highest and the pattern sinks down towards the middle--in this case, the better to hold moisture, though the same effect in wool makes a lovely warm blanket, with these woven cells maximising the insulation. So it's functional as well as decorative. I'm adding a simple edging in quilting cotton to boost the decorative value. Come to think of it, that's functional too, since it strengthens the outer edge.

OK, time to stop thinking about it and get to cutting and stitching, there aren't many days left before Christmas.

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Dee said...

neato. will I find one in my stocking?