Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There's something particularly exciting about white: Here I have two widths of silk ribbon and a stranded silk yarn suitable for embroidery. Two of them I picked up at Beautiful Silks the other day, the third was already waiting for my attention. They're here for colour and testing. I get to do the dyeing and then my friend, D does the testing. She loves silk ribbon embroidery and I love colour. It's a good combination. So, here's the plan . . .
  • I need to find a way of securing each of these little packages of fibre so that they don't go berserk in the dyepot
  • They need a good soak to help the colour to penetrate properly
  • I need to find the right pot to dye them in, I think I can use the smaller of my two dyepots with as little water as possible
  • Meanwhile I'm desperately running around the colour wheel in my head--like the proverbial hamster--what colours shall I add?
  • I'm going to put the three different fibres in the same dyepot, then they'll easily work in together for whatever project D comes up with.
  • Rinsing and drying and then deciding whether to pop them in the mail, or have the pleasure of handing them over in person.

Right, I have a plan! As usual there's a small snag--yep, the kitchen sink. It's currently full of dirty dishes. Clear those and I'm on my way.


Dee said...

gotta love all that white potential. :) I am still chuckling about the hamster-colour wheel image - I think i am too visual sometimes. :)
Oh btw - make her wait - hey wait, that is me...

Knitspingirl said...

All those possibilities!
Can't wait to see what you come up with.