Saturday, February 4, 2012


I did some serious damage to my wishlist yesterday. I made a routine trip to the haberdashery warehouse to buy a small number of items. My strategy on these trips is to go with a very definite list. Otherwise the showroom can be overwhelming and all sorts of purchasing accidents are liable to occur. I have been wishing for a proper worklight for I don't know how long. A Daylight company lamp is what I really wanted. I'd decided to start comparing prices and models with a view to buying one soon. When I had dealt with my list, I started to check costs, features and accessories. Then I noticed that the model I wanted was on clearance: 25% off the wholesale price. I took my time making up my mind, but yes, I came home with my dream lamp. Now it's set up and in use.

It's one of those super-hot Melbourne summer days. Closing the blinds helps to keep out the heat, but makes the room too dark to work in. My old halogen light produced a fair bit of heat too. Now I can have cool light and colour accuracy. I'm so happy with it!

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