Friday, February 3, 2012

Success of the Travelling Sock

The second sock is done.

I had to travel to an inner city suburb to pick up some beading materials yesterday. The cost of parking is about the same as a tram fare. The tram takes a little longer, but I can  knit on the tram. I'm feeling pretty confident with my new double pointed needles, but I'd hate to drop one on the tram. And I love to explore new ways of doing things.

I changed over to two short circular needles for the foot of my sock. The knitting felt nice and secure and didn't require as much concentration as the dpn's. I knitted through my tram ride. I knitted some more while perusing the newspapers at the local library. By the time I got home I was ready to do the toe shaping.  I grafted the toe and wove in the ends over my morning coffee. Now it's all finished. And yes, I'm already thinking about my next pair of socks!


Dee said...

YEAY!!! one pair of fine wool socks done and ready for tootsies...let's just hope that they aren't needed too soon.

Do we get a piccy of them both on those tootsies?

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks--no piccy while we're in a heat wave, sorry--maybe later when things cool down little:)