Saturday, February 11, 2012


The light of my dreams came with a couple of attachments. There's a clip to hold a pattern and a magnifying lens to help me see itty bitty details. I don't anticipate using either of them much, so I wasn't too worried when the only lens available didn't have quite the right fitting for the model I bought. I figured that either I'd work something out with the help of my local hardware store or I'd find a way to set the lens up on my worktable and do without it on the light itself. It took me a couple of days to get to the hardware store. Here's the result:

I came home with two options: each cost $1.10--no great risk there. This morning I rigged up the lens on the standing lamp. I'll test it out tonight. I have a couple of ideas of how to tweek the set up if it's not quite right. Otherwise I'll revert to plan B. I do like a bit of a challenge, especially when the stakes aren't very high.

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