Monday, February 6, 2012

Nearly Happy

Last week I asked for feedback on the pale grey ruffled wristie. I wasn't sure about the combination of a dull colour with the exuberance of the ruffle. Since then I've finished the pair.

Somehow having two of them makes the story more convincing. I'm going to leave them as they are. I do love knitspingirl's suggestion of a dip-dye. I'd probably need to dye the wool before knitting it up, though. Another idea I've had is to add a bit of bling to the last row of the ruffle. I might try that on a black pair.


Dee said...

The grey looks elegant. i figured the appeal may come in the muted colour with the unexpected little frill. It would be easier to wear than white and would go with most outfits. Although I would tend to lean towards black for a neutral accessory personally.
hmm As I am thinking through my winter wardrobe... the last couple of seasons I have worm more brown than i used to (because it proliferated) and would not wear either brown or black with brown.

teen 3 thinks they look cute. her 16yo self says "it's a toning thing. if you are wearing say black, grey and red then toning is great and ya may not want them to be the main thing but to still be there and cute. love that ruffle by the way,"

Textile Tragic said...

thanks for the detailed comments:) Black is also on the list. And I have a dark grey & dark chocolate brown ready to go.

Dee said...

Just read the comments again... I guess you figured out that I meant grey instead of brown ... and I don't usually worm clothing either (I guess there is always a first though) ;)
I have worn more brown than i used to (because it proliferated) and would not wear either grey or black with brown.